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Mar. 6th, 2016 12:29 am
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Black Hayate had started pushing his bowl around and crying while Riza was in the bathroom. Roy knew she'd be out soon but the sound of the dog licking his lips pitifully won him over. He could at least try to find the hungry pup his food.

He had spent enough time in Riza's apartment before to find his way around in the dark and Hayate is smart enough to move out of the way as he walks into the small kitchen area. Which cabinet had the dog food again? It was one of the lower ones, yes, on the bottom shelf. Close to Hayate's bowl- of course, the most convenient placement, just as Riza would have it. He reaches out, feels the wood against his fingers, and slides his fingertips down until they find the knobs. The cabinet squeaks open and Hayate starts panting faster in anticipation.

"Just a minute. Wait. Where is your bowl?" Roy kneels and puts one hand on the container where the dog food is kept, confirming its presence. He reaches out, across the floor trying to locate the bowl Hayate had just been pushing around. "Where did you put it?" His hand meets the side of a bowl but it's the wrong one. Water splashes out of the drinking bowl at his touch and Roy sighs loudly in exasperation. Hayate whines, unbeknownst to Roy he's holding his food bowl in his jaws.
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