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This warm evening in The Shire Frodo Baggins was having a small celebration at Bag End. All day long he and his friends had spent their time unpacking and moving Frodo's belongings about, returning as many items as they could back to their rightful places as they remembered them.

At last after a long and difficult adventure and a not so pleasant battle to regain their land, the hobbits from the Fellowship were slowly settling back into homes. In Frodo's case, that involved the return of Bag End to him and the eventual moving of his belongings back to Hobbiton from the house in Crickhollow. The Sacksville-Baggins had moved out quietly and with a grace they had never shown they were capable of before. The greatest challenge of the move was properly cleaning and restoring old Bag End to its full glory. The capture of The Shire had lead to many homes being abused and there had been a great deal of dirt to scrub away and repainting to do.

Finally, seeing as a large majority of Bag End had been restored, Frodo agreed with his cousins to celebrate their progress that evening. Merry took a walk around the block and returned with some extra wine. Sam had left as it was starting to get dark to invite the Gaffer and family but was not back yet. Pippin opened the wine before dinner was done cooking and all ready joyously humming. Fredegar Bolger and a few others soon arrived and sat down at the table just as dinner was served. Now all that was missing was Sam and those he was supposed to bring.


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